About Us

About_us_nativity_sceneThe Nativity Play is a blog made for individuals who wish to take on an excellent nativity play but don’t know where to start.

This site has lots of valuable details that will certainly help to make your play a huge success with a picky audience. Included in the website is info on ways to compose a nativity, pointers on making costumes for the play, producing your own unique play script and composing songs to catchy tunes.

If you like teaching children and take pleasure in running a play then this website is just what you need. You can read about the joys and frustrations of teaching the best subject in the world and share stories with others by commenting on posts on this blog site.

Whether you’re a mum or dad, educator or somebody in-between, we have something for everyone.

On this site you’ll discover:

  • Concepts about running a nativity play.
  • Nativity outfit ideas.
  • Finding a suitable nativity script.
  • Drawing out the Christian message in your church nativity.
  • How to run an effective Christmas play.
  • Creating your own nativity script.

Please leave any comments or suggestion you may have and we will certainly do our best to address them in coming posts.

God Bless.