Idea On Composing Your Own Nativity Script.

Nativity-playIf, like me, you’ve always struggled to find a nativity script that would work for your church, school or group, why not write your very own? You know the story, after all! Plus, you’re sure to have some old faves that you can utilize as tunes, and if not, just use carols: everybody enjoys them, and the audience can sing them too.

Tempted to give it a try? Okay, so here’s some helpful guidelines and suggestions …

  • Familiarise yourself with Matthew Chapter 1 verses 18 to Chapter 2 verse 12 (The birth of Jesus and the visit of the kings). Cross reference this with Luke Chapter 2 verses 1 to 20 (The birth of Jesus and the shepherds’ visit). You might notice that the kings’ visit is not exactly as the conventional nativity play represents it, however do not let this be an issue to you. If it worries you, why not highlight the discovery within your play script, and enlighten the audience too!
  • Utilize the bible passages to give your play structure. You could use them as an overview for your story, or check out suitable passages to introduce a scene, or even read them as the children are miming the story at the same time. Do you have a dramatized bible? If so, you may discover that you can utilize it as a script, and just customise it as you choose.
  • Use narration as a means of keeping the play simple, without the risk of unexpected situations complexing things on the day. If some youngsters wish to have lines to say, limit them to the straightforward scenes, like Mary and Joseph finding a room, and the kings delivering their presents. The lines, by nature of the scene, would be straightforward and repeated and, as the bible does not specify these details, are open to your own creativeness.

One final pointer:
Nativity Play ScriptsDo not aim for the best nativity play, just a perfect atmosphere and a spirit of love. The purpose of the nativity play is to tell the story of God’s love, so if you see your play enacted, embrace the disorder and things that go wrong; those are the lasting memories that you can delight in laughing about. Keep in mind, the play is a celebration of Jesus’s birth, so it must be as much fun as anyone else’s birthday!